We have taken time to highlight a couple of questions frequently asked by prospective and existing clients, please send us a chat if you have additional questions or need some more clarification.

  • What is the difference between your Point of Sale (POS) solution and the ones we already use?

In Nigeria, POS is mostly referred to the devices issued to small businesses by banks, used in collecting card payments. At Bizcreativz, the word Point of Sale does not refer to an electronic card payment system, it refers to a mobile application that replaces the traditional “dockets” used in the hospitality industry. Waiters make use of a mobile device to take orders from customers, cash and card orders. It does not replace the traditional “bank POS” system which is used in taking card orders, instead it helps keep track of sales activity at your location. In addition to this, it enhances efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

  • How much does it cost?

Price ranges from N250,000 to N1,500,000. Depends on the number of service centres in your location, and the level of control you want to institute within your business. Please send an email to tolua@bizcreativz.com for a quote.

  • Is there a monthly fee associated with this application?

For clients that choose only the Point of Sale solution, there is no monthly subscription attached to it. However, there is a N20,000 monthly support fee (optional) at the end of the free 30 day support each client enjoys. This gives you direct access to our support agents, 12hrs a day, 7 days a week.

  • I already have a Point of Sale solution, can you upgrade this to work with yours?

I am sorry we cannot do that. For customers residing in Lagos, we can setup a free demonstration at your location. This will help you compare our application with your existing system, so you make the best choice for your business.

  • What kind of equipment is needed for this to function in my bar/restaurant?

A compatible LAN printer, a compatible Android or IOS mobile device, an Internet Modem, and a Powerline.

  • My staff do not know much about computers, how will they manage the system?

If your employees can use a smart phone to send emails, chat on Facebook, then they can be trained to use a mobile device to serve as their new dockets. However, you will need someone in your management team with some “computer” experience (basic) to monitor the activities of your employees.

  • Does this work for hotels?

Anywhere you have a restaurant and bar, it works perfectly! However, we have a booking software you can utilize for managing guest activity. All our applications are cloud based, meaning you can monitor your activities remotely from your computer or mobile device.

  • Will my printer work with this application?

Very few printers available to our clients work with our application, but if it does then your setup fees just reduced significantly. Call us today to make enquiries.

  • Can my staff use their mobile devices?

Some smartphones are compatible with our application, some are not. Most of our clients prefer to provide smart phones to be used by their employees.

  • Can you please explain the process? How does it work? Select

See attachment.

  • I run a small restaurant, of what use is this application to a small business?

If you average a turnover of N40,000 daily, then this is for you. A restaurant in this category loses an average of about N10,000 daily to either theft, slow service, or stock outs. That’s about N300,000 a month. You see managers selling their own drinks and food, this is becoming the norm.

  • I have 3 different businesses in 3 different locations, can they all be connected to one account?

One account can show all business activities in all locations in different states within Nigeria.

  • How long does it take to setup a location?

On the average, 5 days. Training is one week before setup. Your location will go live 2 weeks from payment date.

  • I know a couple of people that will be interested in this solution, do I get a commission if I get you clients?

Yes you do. Call us today for more details.

  • Are there any cities in Nigeria your system does not work?


  • What if there is no internet (data), will the application still work?

Yes it would. The lack if internet data will not disrupt the activities on the floor (order taking and receipts to customers), however, management will not be able to view activities real-time until the internet comes back on. Uses very little data. N4000 credit (9GB) will last for 30 days.

  • In the event a customer cancels an order, how will your application record this? Select

See attachment.

  • Does accounting/book-keeping involve you preparing my taxes?

We do not handle taxes, we work with you to develop chart of accounts that will capture all the financial activities of your business, which includes depreciation, cash-flow analysis, income and expenditure statements, bank reconciliations, balance sheet, and budgets.