Equipping employees with the required skilled necessary to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accountability. The training of trainers (TOT) program enables managers and other stake holders, learn how to adapt their existing control systems with out Point of Sale solution

Product at a Glance

 TOT, Internal Control, System Setup and Support, Management Reports


1  TOT

We believe every establishment has developed its own culture over the years, that is why our focus is to enhance existing systems. The training of trainers program focuses on training managers and other senior level employees on point of sale, inventory management, and accounting, by drawing lessons from existing internal control systems. In return, managers will train and monitor their employees.

2  Internal Control System

One of the major reasons why clients utilize our services is because of the controls that it gives. Without effective training of at least one management staff, the system becomes more of a bottleneck than a solution. Device codes for each employee will have to be activated and deactivated as managers deem fit, passcodes to manage the limits of responsibility of each employee, and tracking of open tickets to ensure drinks and food items are not compromised by employees.

3  System Setup and Support

As your company grows, we expect setting up your account should be done by your employees. Our agent will train one or two of your employees how to create and manage a Point of Sale account, and provide support to other employees in different locations. This trainee will also act as the contact person within your organization for technical issues.

4  Management Reports

Like you currently do, daily reports are being forwarded to management for action purposes. Your staff will be taught how to customize reports to ensure management has all the information needed to take action. The trainee will also train waiters on how to send their reports directly from their devices to whoever has been assigned to view such reports.

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