You have invested millions of Naira setting up a beautiful lounge, restaurant, or bar. Now it’s time to get returns on your investment.. Research has shown that most bar managers in Nigeria make more money than the investors. Ironically, THIS IS A FACT. I’m sure you are aware that some managers sell their own drinks and food at facilities where they work, leaving your stock intact while reporting low sales. One common solution most restaurant and bars have deployed is the use of CCTV cameras. In as much as this can deter waiters from stealing, there is a limit to what this can achieve.

Product at a Glance

Mobile Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Accounting/Book-Keeping

1  Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) – A Symphony of Efficiency

Does your desktop/computer based point of sale system really work for you? Do your staff see it as a bottleneck than an actual solution? Welcome to the world of digital paper dockets! Using a mobile device, our solution replaces the traditional paper dockets, giving management remote access to real-time sales transactions. Using a compatible Android/IOS device, employees can send their sales report via email, directly to management at the close of business. Watch your sales turnover increase at record speed, employees can take multiple orders while the application sends relevant information to the bar and kitchen.

2  Inventory Management

Have you ever considered the fact that some employees might sell their personal food and drink items in your restaurant, bar, or hotel? Our inventory management is basic but serves its purpose. With the MPOS solution, you can take time to reconcile your actual stock with issued stock real-time. Management can remotely login to an employee’s account to check if a food or drink item was taken from the store and sold to a customer versus the employee selling their own food and drinks.

3  Accounting/Book – Keeping (Optional)

We go a step further by providing accounting and book-keeping services for our clients. Using our cloud based accounting application, we help clients prepare books of account that reflect the true position of their businesses. These reports help prepare our clients for a seamless audit.

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