This product is designed for Event Planners and Event Centres. Waiters/Ushers can take orders from guests at an event using their mobile devices. These orders are sent to a registered printer over a WiFi network. The servers see the ticket and prepare the orders, then hand over to the waiters. This helps manage wastage, track number of drinks and food served, and helps monitor stock levels.

Product at a Glance

Stock Levels, Table Orders, Efficiency, Management Reports


Stock Levels

All product items are pre-loaded into the system, capturing cost and quantity. Re-order levels are set to notify you when a food or drink item is low, given you the opportunity to restock. You can track how many plates of rice was served, how many pieces of chicken was served and how many you have left in stock. This helps you monitor the activities of your staff especially when you cannot be at the event.

Table Orders

You can assign different categories of food and drink items to different tables using our application. An usher takes the order of Table A (assuming 8 guests on Table A), before she moves to Table B, waiters are serving Table A with food assigned to Table A. Using the mobile device and a printer, a ticket is printed at the food stand (up to 100 meters away from Table A), the server sees the order ticket, prepares the order and hands over to the waiter.


No more wastage, no more wrong orders, no more time wasting. Serve your guests in record time using our application. track which tables have been served, how many have been served on each table, what was served on each table, and who served which table.

Management Reports

Have you been in a situation where you argue with your client about how many guests you served at an event? With our application, you can track how many plates of food have been served real-time. This allows you to notify your client in the event he/she is going over budget. Another scenario is when an event is organized in a hall where you have forced to buy their food and drinks, you can track how many plates of food and drinks have been served in less than a second.

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