Our mission is to provide at least 90% accurate data for investors in the Hospitality industry in Nigeria, by providing them with access to relevant financial information to make good business decisions.

Bizcreativz is here to ensure investors get good returns on their investment. Research has shown that over 40% of managers working in the hospitality industry in Nigeria make more money than the investors. From selling their own stock to using their personal POS machines (POS provided by various banking institutions), some of these managers abuse privileges given to them by their employers.

If it doesn’t work with your phone, forget the idea. And any idea designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st century – CEO Mercedes Benz, 2016

Access to information is making the world a smaller and less complicated place by the day. Accounting is 90% easier to manage with the use of cloud computing applications, SSCE holders have better chances of working as professional accountants. Urban to Rural migration will be in the increase because it will be less expensive to work from home and manage businesses all over the world.

With over 55million internet subscribers in Nigeria, information dissemination has never been this fast and efficient! Despite access to relevant tools to access information, Nigeria still lags behind Kenya in management information systems.

A great number of small businesses managed/owned by African entrepreneurs are challenged with instituting the appropriate systems and structures that are required to build sustainable businesses.

As a result, majority of these companies exist at a subsistence level, providing mediocre services that cannot be measured with international standards, and only a few actually survive after a few years.

With Africa becoming a hub for many western countries for investment, indigenous small and medium scale businesses are lagging behind in accessing the relevant resources needed to succeed in a global community. The lack of requisite systems and structure continues to limit their ability to attract good investment, retain talent, and build capacity.

Welcome to our world, welcome to Bizcreativz!

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Case Studies

Confidence for bar owners

When commissioned to set up Big Joe’s bar – an upscale pub in Ilupeju Lagos, it was clear from the beginning that the project will be challenging albeit successful based on the history of the business and the client’s willingness to accept change. Unlike many other businesses, running a bar is in a league of its own. The challenges owners face are so diverse, it is almost impossible…

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Cloud based Backbone

When we first met the geniuses at Highway Digital – A technological company with its headquarters in Kenya, their immediate concern was to be able to monitor all their accounting services in all their companies across the globe. How did the people in the different countries adapt to the drastic step being adopted by their business owners? This indeed was a thrill.

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Our Clients

Business and management skills backed by years of experience

Our vision is to serve at least 200 small and medium scale businesses operating in the restaurant and bar industry in Nigeria, by December 2017, equipping them with relevant tools and skills needed to enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

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