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Why Bizcreativz?

Our approach to supporting small and medium scale businesses is unique. We recognize that for them to be sustainable, business owners need to have relevant and accurate information to make good business decisions.

Start managing your business on the go

A convenient and more efficient approach of accessing relevant information for managers to make business decisions anywhere, anyplace, and anytime

Order Tickets

Statistics have shown that dockets (paper tickets) are vulnerable to fraud. Over billing customers, cancellations, etc makes it difficult to institute relevant control systems. Using a mobile device, employees can now take customer orders, which creates electronic paper tickets. This has created a symphony of efficiency in facilities that use our application.

Open Tickets

How do you monitor sales activity on the floor? Using your mobile device, you can browse through every order each employee has taken real-time. Supervisors can reduce shortages by following up on employees who have not collected money from customers.

View Orders Real-Time

You want to know how much an employee has sold in the last 2mins? 1 hour? Using a mobile device, you can view orders that have been taken be an employee to ensure your food and drinks are being sold and not vice-versa.

End of Day Reports

While you wait for your manager to send you end of day reports, employees can send reports directly from their mobile device, personalized sales report. This you can reconcile with the general end of day reports sent by managers. Reports include item sold, quantity, time, employee name and location.

Customized Reports

Our sales and employee reports gives you a holistic picture of your operations, and this can be customized as you deem fit. This information will enable you make decisions in areas like expansion, recruiting, stock management, etc.


Are you bothered this might be too complicated for your staff? Our solution is currently being used in “beer parlors” and “lounges” across Nigeria. Meaning high end restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and your local neighborhood joint. Managers can train their employees in less than 3 hours, equipping them with the right skills and tools needed to ensure relevant data is captured at record time.

Our Services

Mobile Point of Sale Solution (MPOS)

With the use of compatible Android/IOS devices, our aim is to eliminate the use of traditional dockets used in most restaurants and bars in Nigeria. This has enabled our clients to have a stronger hold on day to day business activities. This also complements the use of CCTV cameras being used in some restaurants and bars, giving investors access to real-time sales data.

Stock Control

Our clients worry less about employees selling their own food and drinks when using our Mobile Point of Sale solution. Business owners can monitor food and drink items that are currently being served in the restaurant or bar. In addition to this, managers can monitor sales and stock levels on their days off.


Sometimes sales monitoring is not enough, especially for growing businesses. As accountants, we can help setup an accounting system that will provide you with the true picture of your business. Now you can track depreciation on your fixed assets, create periodic budgets, monitor loan repayments, and do proper bank reconciliations.


Like every other electronic system, this is also “Garbage in Garbage Out”. Our one week training of trainers’ program (TOT) gives business owners and their management team, the opportunity to understand what we call The Symphony of Efficiency. Management is equipped with the right skills needed to institute relevant control systems using our Mobile Point of Sale solution.

Our Products

Our products have been carefully crafted to meet the needs of restaurant, bars, hotels, and lounges in the Nigerian business environment. Taking lessons from existing control systems used in the hospitality industry in Nigeria, we have adapted our solution to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accountability.


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